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Aylin Dikişci / 2017-2018 / 7. Yarı Yıl / Doç. Dr. Hüseyin Kahvecioğlu

Stroll 7_2.jpg

Stroll is located in the port area of Zonguldak, which is close to the city center. Zonguldak is a unique city with its history and urban identity. Its existence is highly associated with the mine that is excavated here, coal. In the early times of Republica era, needs of coal companies were given the prior importance. Then the transportational infrastructure was established. The growth continued with the establishments of ateliers, coal washers and power plants. Later on, urban structure concerning the needs of the people living in the city has started to be built. The construction of administrative buildings, educational facilities, health units, commercial buildings and dwellings / dormitories accelerated in the following period. The next goal of the architecture in Zonguldak should be building architecture with a more humanitarian approach. The people living in the city must be center of the architecture. It has also been observed that in the interviews with people in Zonguldak, the people are generally unhappy and hopeless about their future. There is a negative perception of the future of the city. This situation needs to be changed. Stroll, offers the city an opportunity to change this perception.

When you walk along the shoreline next to the Governor's building, you will reach a place with a courthouse and a large parking lot. There is a breakwater in this area. This waterbreak has a length of more than 300 meters. This 300-meter area is selected as the project area. This area would be given to the people of Zonguldak. The car park in front of the courthouse is solved as an underground car park and it is used as a green recreational area. A multipurpose event hall was designed at the end of the waterbreak, where you can see the opposite shore and the silhouette of the city. The road to here has been transformed into a city promenade. This road forms an arcade with structural elemets forming a rhythm at intervals of 10 meters. Promenad that has two stories, contains of cafe and restaurant units extending from the waterbreak’s original structure at the down floor, and shopping units in the upper floor. The openings in the first floor prevent the lower area from being lightless and dark. The walls between the shopping units are not constant. Thus, the structure is not divided into two by a single wall and does not remain unilateral. There are two large central areas that cut through these arcades. These middle areas may allow different functions. Exhibitions, fairs, workshops can be hosted in these areas. The needs of cafes and shopping units in the building can be provided with boats docked here. These central spaces are in a structure that cuts the rhythm. The promenad itself is vitalized with 3 elements, 2 shared open spaces and the final arrival point, event hall. Also the whole structure can attract activities, festivals and other events to this area, acting as a touristic and social attraction point/ landmark.



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