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Stop Think!

Ahmet Can Karakadılar (Turkey) & Sude Vural (Turkey)


// Pandemic and Psychology:

                                               "Stop Think! "

Throughout this pandemic, we started to think, to realize. Started to discover ourselves; read a book which we wanted to read for a long time. Got to know our houses again and the 4 walls that surround us became the only thing we know. We reshaped it as we wanted. While we are sitting at home, we started to think. But for the first time, we were thinking the same thing with the entire world: what will happen tomorrow? We are carrying the same concerns. Sometimes we learned not to think. We learned to empathy. We prayed for the people that had to work while we are sitting in our houses. From time to time we took a deep breath. Recognized ourselves; made yoga, made bread, learned to prepare a meal. We spent time with our dog, our cat, and we spoiled them with love. But most importantly, we stopped and thought all about these!



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