Spatial Use of a Residence by Individual

Firuze Türkaydın (Turkey)

// Pandemic and Meaning of a Home:

                                                            "Spatial Use of a Residence by Individuals "

"This work is about the comparison of spatial use of a residence before and during the pandemic. The residents consist of an elderly male, a middle aged female, a young adult female and two cats, one of whom is a visually disabled adolescent. The given residence is located on the entrance floor that is surrounded by a garden of really long trees and by that creates its own habitat for local stray cats, therefore gives a great opportunity to the resident cats to have interactions with their species, as well as the human residents a sense of open air and outside world, but the work will be focusing on the apartment itself, since the majority of the time that is spent by the residents is indoors and it is where their spatial use actually starts to differentiate."


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