Ezgi Geyik / ODTÜ / 2018-2019 / Bahar Dönemi / Tutors: Ayşen Savaş ve Arzu Gönenç Sorguç

         Skopje has been defined as a lot of things: destroyed, rebuilt, national, international, modern, kitsch. Yet the people who are living there are the same. They are ever-evolving in their ever-changing city and their reactions to these changes are always humourous as if they are playing a game with-against their city. Skopjans are Homo Ludens in disguise - men and women at play- and by proposing Play_Ground that resembles no place at all - what is the 'place' of playing anyway?- the project aims to research and teach through stimulations of playing by experiences

      First detecting these ‘arrhythmic points’, connecting them through a spatial structure and weaving the absurdities of the city together, Play_Ground not only recognizes Skopje as it is but enhances its ludicrous nature. Humankind have been playing since the beginning of time and Skopjans have been - will be using the act to rebel, to enjoy and to dwell.


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