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Arda Coşan (Turkey) & Nina Kaminska (Poland)


// Pandemic and Nature Environment:


This work is a result of how we approach the COVID-19 lockdown regarding climate issues. Our particular attention had been paid on the aspect of airplanes and how our world has improved in the absence of aviation. Almost everyone noticed the clear skies we have recently, instead of the heavy dust we got so used to. We believe that this lockdown is the best thing that has happened to our generation, because ‘we have never had a better chance to make a greener world!’1. With the flights cancelled and factories being shut down, ‘it’s offered a taste of the air we might breathe in a low-carbon future.’2 However, as the lockdown comes to an end, the vital question is that how much we will appreciate this chance. Through this collage, we want to ask people to reconsider whether they need commerce flights as often as they did before the pandemic, keeping in mind that ‘at an individual level, flying is one of the most climate polluting activities a person can undertake.’3 Once it’s over, will you fly?



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