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Arda Coşan / 2018 / İstanbul Technical University / 4th Semester / Assoc. Prof. Ozan Önder Özener


    The project is located in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy and was intended to be an extension of the street, acting as a medium for communication for the residents of the neighborhood, students of the high school and universities around and tourists, gathering all these users with different backgrounds and help them share knowledge and experiences with each other.

    As the neighborhood itself is also very successful at using the streets as media interfaces, the project intends to organize a street structure where the users will also find some different mediums to interact with each other. 


    With these design concepts, the project formalizes as a main circulation line(street) and some different volumes that the users will experience along this line just like some would do while walking in this neighborhood or in any other street. These volumes intend to act as interaction areas of the users with programmes consciously designated for this aim; such as a conservation garden to remind the values of the neighborhood, event stairs to let some quality verbal communication happen, a study room which also acts as a library, exhibition spaces, gardens and urban agriculture terraces to draw attention to the environmental issues of the today’s world. All aims to enhance the communication between users, celebrating it as the main purpose of a commercial design.


    Project also suggests blank surfaces that the users can use as canvases where they can actually paint (with a reference to the murals around the neighborhood), stick posters or brochures and write on. These blank surfaces will also act like the legs of the structure

    The choice of concrete as the material aims to make the medium stay neutral and let the users reflect their own characteristics in the space.


    While organizing the plan of the main volume, it is intended to have a total space at the center, supported by four load bearing walls at all ends with a circulation line surrounding the space. Ascending around these spaces at the center, the ramp is also carried by the walls, attached to them on the outer side, acting as a cantilever. This cantilever effects help the ramp to be perceived as it is floating in the space, letting the users have the perception of many volumes at the same time.

    Project organizes in two main areas with an existing apartment building in between. It is suggested to protect the shell of this building and fill it with the programme of an exhibition hall.


    Acting as a black box right in the middle, some connections are needed between the volumes of the project. These connections are formed with a bridge on the outside and a path that goes directly into the black box and let users to perceive the space from above. Being a black box with no fenestration, the volume uses the daylight through a gigantic and monumental light chimney that’s coming down to the space from the ceiling. This light chimney makes sure that the project uses as much passive lighting as it can and generates the characteristic of this display space, in a way that making the exhibition volume something to be exhibited.


    With the concept of the project, it embraces the park near with several walls that are placed in the park. As a group, they create a sequence which will lead the users to main circulation paths in the park and direct them through the space while they are experiencing the environment. The four main walls of this sequence become the structural supports of the ramp that is rising around them and carry the main volumes.

    The walls in the park also help to draw the border between the existing green space that consists of many trees that are intended to be maintained and the hard ground that the project suggests. In parts that the circulation paths expand, seating elements come out of the walls, letting the guests have a rest or read a book.In addition to the existing vegetation of the park, projects suggests a light blue planting system that will draw the people into the park from both ends that it meets the street



Modeling:  Sketchup

Visualization :Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator



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