Samed Kaya / İstanbul Technical University / 2017-2018 / 4th Semester / Tutor: Ozan Önder Özener

      Neighbourhoods  which developed by socializing  have their own inner systems.They are crucial parts of cities. There are some important elements that creates value to the community culture; such as collaborating, feeling belongingness to a place. Yeldegirmeni ,which is in Kadikoy, is also one of the neighbourhoods with an active community life. However with the improving urbanization we may say Yeldegirmeni is losing the “ publicity” . While private sector and places dominates the public areas in most of the neighbourhoods in Istanbul, this situation leads people’s life to be more isolated and monotonous.The  private sector and authorities do not give a chance to people who want to express the ideas and shape the public space. So, today there are less people who collaborate and create together. What happens if we give them a series of  undefined null spaces which contain  the only essential  service systems and architectural human-scaled tools  ?



       At this point, Muhit, which aims to give users an opportunity to design their own public space and  produce together with the tools in it. A series of layered null places, panels, lights, usual public space elements  can be re-shaped with people’s own sense of place and expressions in flexible zones This way, people will be able to personalize the publicity layer by layer both in street level and the upper levels of the Muhit and Muhit will be link itself to the memory of the urban  void and  the people in it.


Modeling:  Rhinoceros 5

Visualization : Vray, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


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