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Umut Müezzinoğlu / Istanbul Technical University / 2018 / 4th Semester/ Studio: Ütopyanın Tersi/ Tutor: Nizam Onur Sönmez



A few centuries from now


Somewhere in Africa.


No solutions found to global environmental problems. Global warming cause cooling, it also brought about the ice age. People who can escaped escaped, there was no hope of the rest. 


A few more centuries passed.


All the glaciers melted. When we look back and understand that there is no trace of the world we know anymore. ‘Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. MOERAS. It's just one of dozens of cities of South Africa's rare non-flooded areas, founded by who left behinds from the disasters. Low areas of the city are completely swampy, agriculture is impossible and because of the melting water levels are gradually rising and the population is increasing at the same rate as the area that can be lived decreases with each passing day.

Functionally divided into 3, each city has different topographies, performances, resources, potentials, advantages and disadvantages, which explains the textural differences between regions. A total and abrupt settlement brings about irregularity and at the same time takes away the ability of the region's tissue to adapt to situations.As time goes by, urban people will have to adapt themselves and their city in the face of environmental and social events and situations. Within the irregularities resulting from the differences, an order arises from the conditional situation of meeting the basic needs. The peoples of the Moeras, Myn and Bestuur regions, which are functionally separated, seek to gain a place in the order they form. This instinct of acquiring, manifesting itself is gradually replaced by ambition and competition. The element that determines the people who will establish superiority in this competition is the necessity priority of the resource they own and whether that resource defines the region. The source of each region has become the symbol, lifestyle and currency of that region.  


As a result of difficult conditions, solidarity environment is established. Solidarity is replaced by competition. Because of that competition, class separations emerge and these differences between classes, a taboo from the past world is reborn. Fascism. Is there a return from this one-way road? 


We will never know. 



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