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Listen to yourself! But Witch One? And the New Acts

Anıl Aydınoğlu (Turkey) & Elene Machaidze (Georgia)


// Pandemic and Daily Habits:

                                                "Listen to yourself! But Witch one? And the new acts."

Pandemic became the main driver to change our daily habits, our entire lifestyle. We decided to show our pandemic daily routine by showing our floor plan and our movement during the day. The style of our representation is more like comics because we prefer to take these hard days more as a thing to make fun out of it. With Sketches, we show the highlight key moments of the day that before pandemic was not an issue at all and had not an important role in the day. We are two different people from different countries and lifestyles, While Elene lives alone Anil is with his family. At one point living with family is frustration because you have a lack of personal space, but for someone who lives alone there comes another issue of being sad simply by watching no living people all day long. Our approach towards this work is very personal as on the level of the pandemic we can only reflect on our own feeling and conditions. Probably a few more months are ahead of us with Covid19, but we propose that sometimes looking through the pink glass and looking at things with humor is the best medicine to survive isolation.



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