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Istanbul City Library


Atahan Sevdi / Kadir Has University / 2017/ Graduation Project / Archiprix TR 2017, National Graduation Project Competition | Jury Special Prize |  Tutor: Ahmet Özgüner


A Unique Cultural Center for Metropolitan Istanbul


This Architectural Design Studio VI deals with the design of a city library in metropolitan Istanbul. Beyond this basic goal, it aims to create a cultural attraction point in city-scale by considering the particular conditions of the given urban lot. The design was shaped around the idea of create ng valuable public spaces that would live for 24/7.


Throughout the human history, libraries have been the structures collecting, archiving all find of I information in all forms of media. As a mass storage space, libraries are also public spaces which give shelter to its frequenters with respective presence and needs. Since libraries are part of the cultural network, they should have an iconic quality in their designs.

In this context, we were expected to embrace the peacefulness of the library, along with its public exposure so, will have to search for integrity, ingenuity, excellence in our designs within the given urban context and redefinition of the 21st Century Library.


Istanbul, unfortunately, has lack of public spaces. Inhabitants can rarely touch to the Bosporus store, barely see a green and it is almost impossible to find a cultural event which does not ta be place in a shopping mall. Therefore, a city Iibrary in Istanbul has to provide a very important mission for the city and resolve the public space need. This project aims to create a unique, functional and attractive urban center.


The protect site was in Levent, which is known for its financial towers, offices, luxury hotels and shopping malls. Building typology of the site can be considered in two groups. The first group consist of the rise houses in the neighborhood which were transformed into offices while the second group consists of the high rises that have mixed-use facilities.  So, there is an imbalance in the scale between the two sides of the Büyükdere Street. ActualIy, it is a very central location and therefore there are many options to access the site, However, because of the traffic congestion, the most chosen option is metro. The site is located on the metro line and has a direct connection from the current exit This exit is redefined as a pedestrian path which end s with an open courtyard in the first basement and strengthened with commercial functions along the path.


To maximize the open space, alI the volumes (except auditoriums) were lifted from the ground and this area was supported by commercial volumes, food facilities, large courtyards, water features and an open-air cinema that sits on the natural topography of the site The auditorium is located alongside the Büyükdere Street to block the noise and provide the peace/u I ness of the ground floor. The library is located at the northern side of the lot to make maximum use of the northern light and its lifted volume defines and gathering space under it. The rectangular ring does all around the site, Costs some important functions, gives a characteristic looking and defines the borders.

This complex promises a remarkable public space experience in the metropolitan Istanbul and make this precious lot a cultural attraction point for its inhabitants

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bb section.jpg
cc section.jpg
dd section.jpg


Modeling:  Rhinoceros

Visualization :Adobe Photoshop, V-Ray



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