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Umut Müezzinoğlu / İstanbul Technical University / 2018-2019 / 6th Semester / Tutor: Ozan Önder Özener



The concept of this project, which serves as a backbone between the places where the old karaköy is considered to be interest of tourists, the area where the historical texture and urban elements are located, and the Tophane area where the gentrification is felt intensely,is to create a gathering area for people of different class by connecting these two different areas.


More than one function is put in the field to bring people from different classes together. First of all, since the space of a gathering concept is given, the sea-facing part of the space is considered as a square at different levels. In this way, it will be able to attract tourists coming from the ‘’Sahil street’’ to the interiors. In addition, this  square is extended to the Tophane section at the other end of the field.This extended area is called ‘’transition paths’’


In order to draw the intellectual class of the city into the area, spatially intertwined, functionally independent Exhibition Hall is constructed. This area, which can function as a transition area between the public space and the entrance of the structure, will be able to host a variety of private or open exhibitions. While the exhibition hall is placed under the ground, the limited natural light that needs to be taken into account is taken into consideration. While the provincial floor of the exhibition saw the sun in abundance from the south, the lower floor was designed to be in need of artificial light.


In addition, a large gap has been opened to the west of the area so that people can visually experience the car storage and vehicle circulation as a solution to the visually limiting of the substrate. Thus, the users of the exhibition area will be able to experience the operation of the structure and feel themselves in a private area.


This function of the car storage has not been removed but has been converted. The two streets of Karaköy, which are not used and surrounding the area, have been closed to the traffic of the cars, and in order to reduce the car load of the remaining main street, it has been transformed into a more useful and technological ‘Car Storage’’ function. The car storage was taken to the bottom of the ground so that the coast and the historic mosque would not obstruct the view.


The technology of vertical circulation of the car store has been brought to the ground in order for the people passing through to can experience it. Also in the car storage which has six variable height floor planes and the whole steel structure is used, it has been transformed into an innovative structure which is the main user profile machines, which are not alienated to the urban fabric but can be self-contained to break the cold perception of mechanical effect. In the fully automatic parking lot with a total capacity of 184 vehicles, there was no floor system in terms of the usability of the building and the floor heights of the building were determined as much as the cars could fit. 


Modeling:  Rhinoceros, SketchUp

Visualization: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Modeling:  Rhinoceros

Visualization: Adobe Photoshop



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