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24/7 BED

Tript Kaur Kondal (India) & Elif Nur Adıgüzel (Turkey)


// Pandemic and Digital Media Habits:

                                                             "24/7 BED"

   ''Today, more than two hundred countries have been affected by the coronavirus. As we feel the drastic effects of the current situation/ pandemic, the impacts of the COVID-19 on the world are unpredictable still. The pandemic has changed our lives rapidly. Confined to our homes, some of us alone, we are connected to our friends, acquaintances and the larger world only via the digital realm. With a large part of the population in isolation, Ray Oldenberg’s second and third spheres (of work and leisure) are juxtaposed on the first: the domestic. Our homes become the site for work, cook, play and leisure. and each of these activities are enabled by digital media. We find our homes penetrated by a continuous stream of video calls. Our work and private life juxtaposed, and our private and social spheres blurred into one. Above are a few activities that we share in common arranged in a (somewhat) chronological order. These are further illustrated by each of our separate activities. With all our realms collapsed into one, the Bed becomes the site for all of these activities, with our devices shaping our lived experiences as we move about this Bed through the day. Further illustrated are our individual experiences of the activities as well as our individual use of the space of the Bed-room in Istanbul and Mumbai respectively.''



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